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Dr. Arthur Chal is frequently mentioned in local magazines, TV programs, and other media, as a leading dentist. Here is a small sampling of the mentions.

For a more complete list, please see his main Phoenix dentist website and view the pages, Dr. Chal in the media.


The Best Dentists In America The Best Dentists In America

In 2004, Woodward and White had been publishing The Best Lawyers in America for twenty years and The Best Doctors in America for twelve years. In January 2004, they decided to launch their first edition of The Best Dentists in America (2004-2005). Based on a vote of his peers, Dr. Chal was selected for inclusion.

Phoenix Top Dentist 2005Phoenix Magazine

2009 Top Cosmetic Dentist Listing

Dr. Chal has been cited repeatedly as a "Top Dentist" in Phoenix Magazine. In 2009, they added a new category, "Cosmetic Dentists," and Dr. Chal was the only top cosmetic dentist listed for Phoenix.

Arizona Business Magazine 2009, Best Dentists2009 Arizona Business Magazine

Dr. Chal has been selected multiple times by Arizona Business Magazine as one of the best dentists in the Phoenix valley. In Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Business 2009, Dr. Chal was chosen again.



Consumers Research Council of America, America's Top Dentists Consumers Research Council of America

Dr. Chal has been honored several times as a top dentist by the Consumers Research Council of America. In 2007, he was named again, this time in the category of Implant Dentistry. They use a point system that they base on experience, training and continuing education courses, certifications and dental specialties, and professional association memberships.

The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic, CBS News, AZ Society Magazine, and Phoenix Business Journal

Dr. Chal has also been referred to as an expert in articles by The Arizona Republic, AZ Society Magazine, and Phoenix Business Journal, and has been mentioned as a leading Phoenix dentist on the Phoenix CBS News affiliate.



For a more complete list, please see his main Phoenix dentist website and view the pages, Dr. Chal in the media.



Phoenix Dentist Dr. Arthur Chal

Contact Information

Dr. Arthur Chal
4715 N. 32nd St. Suite 106
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Telephone: (602) 957-5000

Fax: 602-957-0055

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8 am -5 pm
Mountain Standard Time

(Note: Arizona is always on Standard Time. It does not observe Daylight Savings Time.)




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