Dental Implant Horror Stories


The majority of Dr. Chal's consultations with attorneys have involved dental implantology. Here are some of the situations that Dr. Chal has encountered that could be called dental implant horror stories:

  • Toxic dental implants. The use of non-FDA-approved dental implants causes a toxic reaction in the bone.
  • Implants not placed in bone. Poor diagnostic techniques will result in improper dental implant placement and eventual implant failure.
  • Short dental implants. If the dental implant isn't long enough, it doesn't have the strength to support the restoration.

To read more about these situations, please see Dr. Chal's dental implants horror stories case studies page.

Other categories of horror stories could involve:

  • Loose dental implants
  • Dental implants falling out
  • Infection around the implants
  • Other mishaps causing general dental implant failure.

To read more about these categories of dental implant problems, please click here.




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