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Bump on my gum near root canal tooth

Five years ago I had an abscess and my dentist sent me to a specialist to get a root canal.  I then returned to my dentist to have a crown placed on the tooth and everything has been fine until … Continue reading

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Emergency room visit after dental cleaning

A friend of mine had his teeth cleaned and ended up in the emergency room later that night because his gums would not stop bleeding and he became sick to his stomach.  Have you ever heard of this? He has … Continue reading

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Failure to find decay

A 56 year old woman recently came to our office seeking a second opinion regarding a tooth that has been bothering her for sometime.   She stated that at her last cleaning appointment she complained of sensitivity on the lower right … Continue reading

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Practical limits of dental malpractice

I was just reading on another blog where a patient created a post titled Question about dental malpractice lawsuit. This patient said that their previous dentist, who was in an HMO network, had overprepared a tooth for a crown, and … Continue reading

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